Scientific and technological management will be conducted as follows by the various committees indicated in table below. All Committees will be chaired by the Network Director, with the Co-Director acting as alternate.

Name, Affliation Topic
Management and Grants Committee
Stephen Muggleton (Director), Imperial College
Logic-based Machine Learning
Nick Chater (Co-Director), University of Warwick Human/Artificial Reasoning
Alireza Tamaddoni-Nezhad (Technical Director),
University of Surrey
Automated Science

Bridget Gundry (Administrator), Imperial College

HLC Network adminstration

Alan Bundy, University of  Edinburgh Representation change
James Cussens, University of York Statistical Relational Learning
Tony Cohn, University of  Leeds Spatial reasoning
Simon Colton, Goldsmith College Computational Creativity
Artur d’Avila Garcez, City, University of London
Neuro-symbolic computing
Mark Steedman, University of  Edinburgh Computational linguistics
Ian Apperly, University of Birmingham Reasoning about mental states
Ulrike Hahn, Birkbeck College
Human judgement and decision making
Mateja Jamnik, University of Cambridge Diagrammatic Reasoning
Denis Mareschal, Birkbeck College
Development in children
Manos Tsakiris, Royal Holloway Sense of self
Caroline Jay, University of Manchester Software engineering
Stephen Payne, University of Bath Sensemaking
Yvonne Rogers, University College London Human-centred data
Bernd Stahl, University of De Montfort

Ethics of HLC

International Scientific Advisory Board
Claude Sammut, UNSW Logic-based robotics
Ute Schmid, University of Bamberg Comprehensibility of programs
Josh Tenenbaum, MIT

Computational rationality

Industrial Advisory Board
Mike Evans, BBC Research and Development Video editing
Sumit Gulwani, Microsoft Redmond Program Induction
Duncan Wilson, Intel UK Circuit design
Pernille Thorbeck, Syngenta Jealott’s Hill Scientific agent modelling